Always in motion…

…classy, passionate, lively…

The 24 hours in a day are not enough for me; as fitness expert, international ballet and jazz dancer, as well as choreographer, I am always on the go and in motion. I discovered my passion for dancing way at the age of five back in my hometown, Mexico City.

All-rounder and global player

I started my ballet training already at a very young age; this later became the foundation of my work. Today, I am able to teach all kinds of fitness courses. Before acquiring my fitness trainer certification, my career as a dancer brought me (among others) to New York and the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, where I performed in various shows and musicals.

From the dance floor to the fitness studio (and back)

Personal reasons brought me to Germany, where I’ve been living happily for almost 20 years now. Here, I have been focusing for years on my career as fitness coach. Step by step, I have been expanding my portfolio of fitness certifications such as Zumba, Hot Iron, Pilates, Aerobics, Step, deep Work, Dance and Yoga. In addition, I have a training in nutrition, pain management therapy, massage.

Friendly, creative and successful

What makes me stand out and why do people turn to me? One of the reasons why would have to be my passion for dancing and movement, as well as my sensitive and friendly manner. Charisma plays a main role in my success in the fitness industry. I am not just constantly in motion myself, but I “move” and “push” people in many different ways; I am always coming up with new, creative ideas that I would absolutely love to share with you.

My commitment to you

Those who come work out with me, do it because I promise success; a promise I can keep. I look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,
Freddy Lopez